Plastic is Forever is a multi-layered project. My main objective is to remove beach plastic pollution off the beaches and re-cycle it into fashionable, designer products like jewelry, objects for the home like tiles, countertops, chairs, bowls and use it as embellishment on clothes. Plastic is Forever alone will never be able to make a noticeable difference in the amount of plastic that washes up on every beach with every tide and every wave. That's why I encourage others to be inspired by my work and use beach plastic to make consumer products and help introduce this material (that nobody owns) into caring ownership. If diamonds are forever than maybe beachplastic, which will last forever, can also be loved forever.

To inspire and educate I travel the Bahamas, Florida and Caribbean to teach workshops in local communities how to stage a beach clean up and pieces of beachplastic that are suitable for jewelry and "beads". I show the process from raw material to a marketable piece that can be sold to tourists.

I also speak at schools, colleges and institutions about plastic pollution of oceans and beaches, and how to turn a negative into a positive by flipping the Modern design philosophy on its head and have function follow form - the form of beachplastic.

Barbara de Vries